January 31, 2007


The idea of being wisked off to a foreign country, with a bag packed by your lover, not knowing what to expect or where you are going for that matter. It's really every girl's dream. And probably most men, if inebriated enough, would admit the same. It's just...well...ROMANTIC.
On a smaller scale, having someone read poetry to you or paint a picture with you in mind; someone spending hours in the kitchen making a meal for you with their two loving hands; being sung to - even if they don't sing well; watching the sun rise together over some foreign landscape. One of my favorite things is a hand-written card with someone's original thoughts jotted down for the sole purpose of sharing them with me.
I've made dinner reservations for Nate and I at Lugana {thanks to recomendations from Kym, Amie, and the girls at Your Heart Out} here in Salt Lake and look forward to an evening out with him {when I'm not wearing sweats}. This year I'm in charge of the dinner reservations but I'm sure Nate will still prove to be a secret romantic {as usual}.
If you have a more grand idea of romance and a bigger budget then I do and a more flexible schedule, you'll want to listen up here. Travelzoo is advertising some great roundtrip air+hotel deals to some of the most romantic cities in the world.
Go here for details.

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