February 11, 2007


Since Saturday was the only day Nate and I had any time together, we decided to go out to the house and see any progress that had been made since last week. What we discovered...not good.

We noticed that the outside accent color looked hideous with the exterior and trim paint colors. We retrieved the color pallet from the design studio and discovered it was the wrong color altogether. While this was bad news by itself, we also noticed that they have used the wrong colored roofing shingles on our house which throws off everything.

Other problems? The faucet in the kitchen is silver (not oil rubbed bronze like it should be), and they've re-glued a mirror to the wall in the half-bath. We asked them not to do this so we could pick and hang our own decorative mirrors. But, there it is, glued on the wall for a second time. Last week we discovered they had failed to complete about 40% of the casing around some of the doorways and windows.

The big question is: will everything be fixed and ready for the owner walk-through on Friday?

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