February 12, 2007


I first fell for the smart car about ten yars ago when they were rare to even the most progressive european cities - and I was reminded of how great they are last year on my trips to both Barcelona and Paris.
Now, the Smart Cars currently buzzing around European cities are coming to America. If you are interested in owning one you can visit Daimler Chrysler and get on the waiting list for just $99. This small fee {which can be applied to the purchase price of the car} proves to the company that you really are an interested party and not just pretending.
Don't be scared off by the size of the car, it's been redesigned to pass U.S. crash tests and should be ready to drive Route 66 by 2008. Check out all the models you have to choose from and while you're at it, imagine zipping into a parallel parking space "nose to the curb" rather then parallel. It can be done with the ForTwo model. For anyone that commutes, this is the way to go!

{fortwo coupe and roadster}

{fortwo cabrio and forfour coupe}

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ali said...

Ha! I love the little Smart Car. It really is quite smart, especially if it is passing these tests--which would be my only concern. If I lived in a big city, I would definitely be putting my name on the list.

I first saw it in London and couldn't believe my eyes. It was like an iMac on wheels. I also fell in love with the Audi A3 there, which has also made its way to the US of A. It's my all-time favorite car.