March 23, 2007


My friend Kindee gets married tomorrow. I met Kindee on my trip to Africa; she actually runs the show and guides the humanitarian trips, you see. But besides being really adventurous, organized and motivated - she's so cute and fun. Nate and I will stop by their reception tonight to celebrate and wish them well.


tiffany said...

Tonia, it's a small, small, small world. I actually know Russ in a round about way. My parents have been best friends with Russ's buddy and bandmate, Brian, since they were teenagers. I remember being invited to a small-scale living room concert in which Brian and Russ played the guitars and played one or two songs they'd written. My mom got an invitation to Russ and Kindee's wedding a couple of weeks ago and told me to look up their website. So cute! Kindee sounds like a great gal!

Tonia Conger said...

She is great! I'm happy she found someone good enough for her. They look really happy.