March 14, 2007


I'm an anxious person. I practice saying this over and over again just like I'm attending my first Anxiety Anonymous meeting. "I'm Tonia and I worry about everything." This great WWII poster started to surface months ago on lots of great design blogs like here, here, here and here to name a few. Only today did I finally break down and make the purchase. In just a few weeks it will arrive from a small bookstore in London called Barter Books. I plan to frame and hang it near my front door so it's the last thing people see when they leave my house.
Image from I like on flickr.


jordan said...

I bought one from Victoria yesterday! But I'm giving mine as a was so cheap!

tiffany said...

I love that.

Anonymous said...

That is very interesting. I live in Vancouver, BC and a new lounge just opened on Main Street (they specialize in delicious vintage cocktails) and that is displayed right as you walk in the front door.

I never knew it was WWII era but that would make sense given the age of the drinks they serve.



Anonymous said...

Crap. Forgot the shout out.

It's called The Cascade Room.