March 22, 2007


Today on NPR Doug Fabrizio interviewed Frank Warren, Author of the postsecret blog and author/compilor of PostSecret: Extrodinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives, My Secret: A PostSecret Book, and The Secret Lives of Men and Women: A PostSecret Book.
Frank started this amazing social art project where people send in handmade postcards and include a secret they've been keeping {some happy, some sad, some haunting}.
This originated in the DC area where Frank handed out 3,000 blank postcards with directions {he also stuck some in books at the library and other places where people would seridipitously find them} with his address already filled in. The project has perpetuated and he now gets nearly 400 postcards a day. The postsecrets blog is updated every sunday with new selections he's received that week.
Totally fascinating concept. I wish I was motivated to do such a thing.

Another conceptual art project? "Greetings from New Orleans" explores the morality of pedestrians. If you found a postcard, filled out, addressed and stamped, would you drop it in the post? Justin Lundgren ran such a discrete study. Read what he discovered here. Justin took original photographs around New Oleans, printed them as postcards and then wrote messages on them. He addressed them all to his parent's home in Ohio and waited to see how many, if any were actually found and mailed. Here is a sample of his work.

Message on back read: "Dear Jen, Greetings from New Orleans, Forgive me for getting a tad nostalgic about our trip here last year, but the memories are strong. Zydeco at the Rock-n-Bowl, cabbage catching at the Irish parade, faking your birthday at Bayona for a free dessert. No disrespect to Sophie but this trip has been kind of blah. Frankly I don't see this thing going on much longer. You think I could give you a call when I get back? Jake"

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