March 13, 2007


I drink Zipfizz in much the same fashion I used to drink Diet Coke in the 90s and Diet Dr. Pepper from 2000-2005. The benefits of Zipfizz is that it's not staining my teeth brown and it encourages me to drink lots and lots of water; I'm in my mid-thirties and keeping hydrated is no longer just an option.
What's interesting to note is that there are a lot of people out there that do not like the taste of Zipfizz {see Nate} and I seem to be running into them all the time. For a while I felt alone in my obsession. Like I was the only one buying the mulit pack at Costco and it would eventually just disappear one day from lack of sales.
A few weeks ago while Nate and I were doing our monthly trip to Costco, I ventured over to one of the street vendors {person handing out samples and wearing a hair net and plastic gloves} who happened to be serving little dixie cups of a new product. ImmuneFizz {loaded with lots of vitamins to prevent you from getting sick. Same fizzy, tangy taste}.
And then, while I was at the check out, the cashier asked if I was the one drinking the ZipFizz {as she rang up my box of 30} and I proudly exclaimed, "Yes, that's me." She then proceeded to tell me how popular it is and how there was the equivalent of a sub-culture of ZipFizz drinkers."
This news, coupled with the new addition to the Fizz family {ImmuneFizz}, leads me to think my favorite drink will be around for a long time. Long enough to drink it to my heart's content and eventually find something else I like more - though for the time being I hardly think that is possible!


tiffany said...

I'm a total Airborne pusher. Sounds like I'd like ZipFizz! Mmm.

Anonymous said...

I sell zipfizz, it's 3 times as strong as Airborne.