May 04, 2007


I love to get dressed up; whether it's a pretty dress, cool jeans, or a feminine top, I'm always on board. But to go along with my extremely duplicitous personality, I also adore casual Friday (and Saturday and Sunday). My cute friend Julie would always wear her Juicy velour suit with uggs on Fridays. Amie thinks jeans qualify as casual.

Two Things: today I'm in lounge pants and Chuck Taylors - and I couldn't be happier!
Tell me two things you are wearing today {at the office or home...casual Friday is casual Friday wherever you happen to be}.


Emily said...

grey sweatpants and my favorite old ben and jery's shirt

tiff said...

My jeans that are too tight when I put them on, my brown cami I've worn a billion times, and my cream swing coat with the big brown buttons. I should have ironed the coat, but hey, it's casual Friday!

ali said...

Jeans and polka-dot cardigan.

I like this casual Friday idea; fun!

~Tegan said...

Well I would have to say that everyday is casual day!! When you stay at home with a 1 1/2 year old you don't want to wear nice clothes!! My favorite thing to wear all weekend is lounge pants!! They have these great ones at costco. You get two pairs for 17 bucks!! You would love them!!