May 07, 2007


It was Ali's birthday just recently. Though I've never met her in person I feel like she's a good friend! Things I like about Ali:
1. She's beautiful
2. She's talented {writing, photography to name a few}
3. She's humble about being beautiful and talented {hard to show humility}
4. She's nostalgic and sentimental
5. She's creative
6. She's very supportive
7. She loves balloons
8. She loves her husband {read Ali Loves Curtis}
9. She likes roadtrips
10. I know all this without even meeting her in person

{photo from Ali's Flickr Photostream}


tiff said...

Amen! I love Ali too. She's one of the best friends-I've-never-met I've ever had!

ali said...

Tonia: You are too, too nice. I feel like a star to be highlighted on your blog.

Here's to hoping we'll get to meet for real someday ... I have a feeling we would be fast friends. (Aren't we already?)

Thanks again. I don't feel worthy, but thank you. I love tributes that make my birthday lasting. :)