May 03, 2007


Amie and her husband went to Mexico about a month ago {read longest week of my life} and stumbled onto a really cool artist who paints retro mexican wrestling masks {I call them Nacho Libre for obvious reasons but they are really called Lucha Libre}. If you're into that, you can buy your own actual Mexican Lucha Libre mask here.
The painting, as I'm told, was hanging outside a bar where the artist was working. Amie's husband saw it, declared that he HAD to have it...and the rest is history. A few days after they got home this fabulous 4'x4' original artwork arrived via DHL.
The best part is that the painting had the word "Luzbel" painted down the side. Neither Amie or her husband knew what it meant {and quite frankly didn't care because they liked the art so much}. We happen to have a few Spanish speakers at the office and when she asked what the word meant, she was told it meant "Lucifer". Now Amie and her husband have made a place for Lucifer - and doesn't he look marvelous? She has such a great home!

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