May 30, 2007

RED + PINK = LOVE {thanks to andy warhol}

"Art is what you can get away with." Andy Warhol

In highschool {circa '85-'89} I recall specific rules about dressing. What was acceptable and what was not. Molly Ringwald was a real trend-setter although I never quite had the guts to pull off some of those genius ensembles. Until now.
In the informal formal 80s and 90s, there were particular rules that, if broken, brought immediate shame; colors that should never be worn together {pink with red}; distinct fashion lines that should never be crossed {hemline of a skirt and the height of a heel}; panty hose vs no panty hose {um, you should never wear panty hose}!
2007 brings total freedom from all these lame restrictions. Expressing yourself meets more applaud then it used to; finally and thank goodness.
Yesterday I wore lavendar and green. Today it's pink and red. I think I'll try and take many of my color cues from Warhol since he seemed to know what he was doing.


tim & brandi said...

How about the dresses with pants underneath? It was a popular look last weekend, no? Though I thought you pulled it off best.


The Conger's said...

Hi Tonia! Just catchin' up on your blog! So what's your new nieces name? You are so fun! Love ya! ~Holly