May 15, 2007


Ali posted about Wilco's new album, Blue Sky Blue, and it got me thinking. Wilco carries a lot of meaning for me; a story worth sharing, I guess.
I was in a long relationship before I met Nate; it lasted ten years and we created many many memories during that time. We visited Vienna, Prague, Salzburg, Kenya, Holland Lake and so many places in between. We hiked many peaks {including Kilimanjaro}, swam in many lakes {even did a maiden voyage in our homemade canoe} and camped on many a mountain peak. Our preferences sort of mushed together, which happens in any relationship, and in the end I couldn't remember a "me" before the "us" came along.
After the breakup I was left to figure it all out again which seemed like an overwhelming undertaking. He was from Montana, liked fleece and country songs and bow hunting. After I shed my polartec jackets and the occasional Garth Brooks I started dipping my toes in the water of variety all over again.
Along with discovering that I liked getting facials and wearing heals {no worries, I still worship my chacos}, I rediscovered my love for indie music. Long ago, in the 80s, I was on the forefront of the music scene. I listened to many of the up-and-coming bands and disgarded them once they played one too many times on the local top 40 station. The first casset tape I purchased was The Cure, Boys Don't Cry {sigh}.
Fate brought me to Wilco shortly after our split and the sound really fit my approach to life. Their music bridged the gap between indie rock and folk/country {thanks to their Uncle Tupelo roots} for me so when I heard they were playing at University of Utah I knew I'd be there. I opened up the invitation to all my friends but with a $30 ticket price they were pretty discerning and, in the end, everyone turned me down. There was a pivotal moment when I was sitting at my desk at work, faced with the choice to go alone or not go at all. In a giant step toward trusting myself and becoming independent, I bought a single ticket and went alone.
Oh, and I've never looked back.

Ali, if you are reading, these are the only bird shots I have ever taken. I had stale bread and created a scene from Hitchcock's, The Birds.

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ali said...

I'm reading! Just a week or so late.

Maybe Wilco is all you need to get over a broken relationship. (Hope that made sense ... this is in adding on to the comment I made on your TAL post.)

I like your stolen bird shots.