June 29, 2007


The iPhone. It's all anyone is talking about. I work with a lot of really smart technical analysts. Many who know the communication and telephony market quite well. And NONE of them are clamouring for the iPhone. They chuckle about it and shake their heads saying things like, "see this? {holding their old phone} It's a phone. I can receive and make phone calls and text messages. And if I need to, I can browse the web. That's good enough for me." I guess if it's good enough for them, my old Nokia is good enough for me.
If you want one...good luck. Pack a sandwich and get ready to wait a long time.


deidra said...

We went to Gateway today to kill some time before a wedding. This was at like 11:00 and people were camping outside (not like this is something new or unique to the iPhone) the Apple Store. The line wrapped around the corner. I couldn't believe that people would want a phone so much!

I'm glad to know that I'll still be okay with my normal phone.

Chelsey said...

Hey T, did you ever give in and get an iPhone? Sorry, just trolling 10-year-old posts at 5 am, but I love the historical charm in this post. Of course, I'm doing that on my iPhone 7 Plus that I too never thought I was going to need. Have I introduced you to my 4th child, iLa the iPhone?