June 25, 2007


I'm in San Francisco. Glamorous. I'm sitting on the Ballroom level at the Hilton San Francisco; manning an information desk, trying to stay awake and trying to be engaged in conversations I'd rather not have. NOT glamorous.
I'm wearing a black a-line skirt and red patent leather, peep-toe shoes. Glamorous-ish. I'm also wearing a men's golf shirt with a stupid ol' company logo. Did I mention said golf shirt is beige and cut to accommodate the most pear-shaped man-body. NOT glamorous. {I'm cold so I'm putting on a red cardigan...might help, might not}.
After arriving this morning, I bought some necessities at Sephora which is just a short 7 minute walk from the hotel. Glamorous. I'm telling grown, literate men and women where the bathroom is when there are signs clearly marking these locations. NOT glamorous.
I'm carrying a walkie-talkie and my handle is mother goose. Glamorous. No one calls me on it. NOT glamorous.
I'm talking to all kinds of exotic looking and sounding people. Glamorous. I'm talking IT topics and nerdy software issues with these people. NOT glamorous.
When I was a doe-eyed seven or eight year old, I had this notion that my life would be very exciting and I'd spend my time changing the world and making a difference. I was sure people would flock to meet me and I would make a greater contribution to this world then pointing out washrooms at a Hilton in San Francisco.
Does anyone else ever feel like this? Like their life is something other then what it ought to be?
This feeling comes in waves and this one is crashing down around me pretty hard.


Sarah said...

Yes I totally know what you mean! I work in fashion. Glamourous. Factories contact me daily with production problems, bulk fabric is wrong colour, buttons are wrong size etc. Ugghh. Not glamourous.
I'm not really doing what I thought I would be and I'm 32! When does it get better?

Dayna said...

motherhood really drives this point home...I now have to create the glamour in life--and sometimes that is really hard to do!

hollypino@gmail.com said...

It's all about perspective. Compared to me and what I do (full time mom with many other odd jobs) you are more glamourous than I will ever be! But, that's alright. I'm over wanting to be glamourous. Now I just want my kids to think I'm cool!

The Meesh said...

I totally get what you're saying. I had a similar experience when I was in Barcelona with Novell. Super Glamourous. Spent the whole week walking from a very American hotel to a very American Conference Center talking about very American IT topics with very drunk/hung over Europeans. Not Glamourous. But, to everyone else, I had gotten to go to Europe on the company. Oh so Glamourous.

I've determined Glamourous is a matter of perspective. Usually we look at what someone else is doing and think how awesome it is, but more likely than not, they find it not so, and are probably looking at us thinking the same thing. So, I seek to create glamour for myself outside of work. LIke the three new hobbies I started for myself within the past month. I absolutely adore each one and feel oh so glamourous as I am covered in mud from my new pottery class. I love it!