June 05, 2007


On one of my weekend trips to San Francisco, I stopped in at DSW and found a lovely pair of pewter colored peep-toed, ankle strap Arturo heals that I instantly entered into a relationship with. They seemed to go with everything. They were comfortable and feminine...perfection.

A year later I was looking for shoes to wear with my wedding dress and nothing was panning out. Until I tried on the pewter heels; it was an incredibly fateful moment. Again...perfection.

As it turns out, my perfect, favorite shoes have started to get a little warn; to say that I'm panicking is an understatement. So when I saw these flat look-alikes on Your Heart Out I was relieved to say the least. I've come to understand that I can't live without pewter toned footwear and my wedding shoes are now relegated to special occasions only. For 15 pounds and a small shipping fee I think these lovely things will be mine.

{wedding shoes}



Sarah said...

Cute photos!

Jessica said...

Love the wedding photos...and shoes!

ali said...

Happy you liked them. Quite the shoe to fill!