July 08, 2007


Lately I've been craving natural elements for our house. This Bill Sofield twig occasional table designed for Baker combines some interesting materials and creates a very earthy and whimsical feel.

And then there is this noble stag head carved in wood. This would look fabulous hanging above the fireplace but I have yet to convince Nate that our home won't look like a hunting lodge. Something about horns is warm, unusual and inspiring; they remind me of the years I spent in Missoula, Montana and the weekends I've spent in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

I'm still looking for a good resource for resin or ceramic coral {preferably white or pink} but here are a few accessories that add a bit of the organic to any room. Courtesy of Roost, The Curiosity Shop, Pottery Barn and Well Dressed Home.


ali said...

Fun picks, Tonia. I love the ocean-inspired pieces. They remind me of the bathroom in the house I grew up in. Also, they have stag heads kind of like that at Campo in Salt Lake and they caught my eye, too. Though I don't remember the price.

MissEm said...

I have those sea urchin vases in my bathroom. They're even better in person.

Dayna said...

Pretty stuff...the Pottery Barn by my house has had some really nice resin coral for about $30 each piece. I haven't looked to see what they are like online, but in person, they are really nice. I want to get a few pieces for my house.