July 05, 2007


Nate and I woke pretty early by holiday standards. We showered and went to a 10:30am showing of Transformers. I must admit, I enjoyed this movie tons more then I thought I would. And I haven't been able to get the old-time theme song out of my head since. When I was in highschool, my two youngest brothers used to watch the Transformer cartoon. With only one TV in the house this really imposed on my Days of our Lives addiction. My disdain with the Transformers did not, however, prevent me from memorizing the theme song and secretly singing along while I shot dagger looks at my doe-eyed brothers {who were probably wearing Transformers underoos at the time}. Why didn't they ever make Days of our Lives underwear? I would have worn them!

After the movie, Nate and I went to Rumbi's Island Grill for lunch on the patio. I inadvertantly put a zipfizz in a full cup of carbonated water and created a very impressive volcano, but the BBQ salad was really yummy.

After a quick stop at Lowe's for some geraniums, petunias and orange merigolds, Nate and I headed back to our house where he got our road bikes all ready for riding, hung our skiis and worked on the servers down in our basement {yup, we have a server room in the basement} and I potted the flowers {four big planters for the front steps}, swept out the garage, cleaned up the flower beds and scrubbed down the front porch.

After the work was done, Nate came out on the porch and we sat in our rockers and admired our great curb appeal and welcomed the break in Utah's near 100 degree weather. At 9pm we grabbed our camp chairs {and Nate's fishing pole} and headed over to the lake. It was the perfect time of day. The east mountains were gorgeous and pink and the lake was glass. I relaxed in my chair and watched all the fish jumping to get flies and Nate did a little fishing. Because we are up on a ledge in our community, we could see several fireworks shows happening in the valley.

At home again we put in Modigliani {one of my favorite artists}, starring Andy Garcia, and made it about half way through before we both got too tired. It's so nice to finally get into bed after a day like that. So absolutely comfortable and so absolutely deserved!

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Gen Gen said...

I found your blog, and realy enjoy reading it. Soooo agree about the Days of Our Lives Underwear. I would have worn them too.