July 17, 2007


That's right. I think it's fabulous when done right but I'm just too scared that I'll do it wrong. I'll pick the wrong paper or the wrong wall and begin a saga of bad wallpaper layers that will endure the test of time. And somewhere down the line in say, 2030, the current owner of my cute bungalow will curse me for ever covering up the cool fresco texture on my walls and ask the ageless question, "why do people use wallpaper anyway?" Because by then wallpaper will be out of fashion again.
Just because I'm a coward to try it myself doesn't mean I don't admire it when done right or done interesting. The current issue of Blueprint has a fun wallpaper story on page 96 called "The Cutting Room" and I was drawn to this photo. I like the idea of adding low hooks to hang handbags and smaller objects. Unfortunately, the lower hooks would likely end up displaying less attractive items on our walls like a frisbee, an orphaned sock or my security badge. It just wouldn't look the same. It's sad that life rarely imitates the art we are drawn to. We try, and may achieve it for a moment, but then you dribble raspberry lemonade on your crisp white blouse or a child sticks a finger right in the middle of your frosted cake and shazam! it's right back to reality.

I love the way the doors look with wallpaper applied in sections.

And this wall with the settee looks perfectly feminine!

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ashlynn said...

I love the horizontal strip of wallpaper - but I need to find a more inexpensive look. :)