August 09, 2007


After I saw this photo on sfgirlbybay last month I became inspired to purchase more original art {etsy here I come} and hang it in interesting groups on the walls of our home. At this moment, five months after moving into our brand new house, not a single thing hangs on our walls except for three mirrors. I'm too paranoid to hang anything and damage our currently unblemished walls. But, I have to ask myself, are they so perfect without the personality and charm of pretty art?
Here are some loves I found courtesy of etsy artists.

I know many of you are fans of the office so I thought a small grouping of my favorite characters might be fun. Question: should Pam and Jim hang next to each other? Elloh has some fabulous tributes to pop culture including Amelie, the late Bob Ross, and forever my favorite Johnny Cash.

ashleyg has some cool images including this one called Windy Day.

And I absolutely love this print by pollyjarman called Sadie's Red Dress. Hoping she'll make some prints and make it available again.

Lastly, matteart has some fun owls and birds. One please.

In the end, I think a nice evening at home with Nate is on the docket for tonight. He gets home from SF tonight, yay! And I think one of us will probably have our laptops humming so why not take a fun shopping stroll in the comfort of our own couch and start decorating our walls. sfgirlbybay told me she didn't have a single piece custom framed; everything was done by her using frames from Ikea. I love to hear stuff like that.


camihubrich said...

I think that Pam and Jim should definitly be next to each other. I am their #1 Fan. Karen's nice and all, but Jim and Pam are supposed to be together. Way cool prints by the way.

Katie said...

If I came into someone's house and they had a painting of Dwight Shrute I think they would be my newest best friend.

ali said...

Great guide, Tonia. I'm in love with Sadie's Red Dress. If you ever see it come up again, let me know?