August 28, 2007


Nate and I spent a night up in Park City for the anniversary and had a great time. We arrived on Sunday afternoon and went down to historic main street to listen to Ryan's {Nate's brother} band play live in honor of Jazz Fest.
After a little R&R we dressed for dinner and had some amazing streaks at Prime. If you go, don't wuss out and get fish or chicken. Get the steak, attack it, and eat it all up. You'll think about it for the rest of the year. Garlic mashed potatoes and broiled asparagus are a nice compliment.
On Saturday morning we worked out at the gym and, still recovering from our bigger than life steak dinners, decided to skip breakfast. We got a late checkout and lounged around the hotel until we started feeling hunger pangs.
After scoping out Park City Mountain Resort we decided to have lunch outside at Legends Bar and Grill. Nate had the burger and I enjoyed the fish tacos {something I plan to make during my brief time off}. Good food is the perfect prelude to the alpine slide. I rode "crooked path" and Nate took down "last chance" and we rode like rock stars. Since the slide is a friction device, the lighter you are the faster you go {less friction} so despite my slight apprehension, I beat Nate to the bottom by about 100 feet.

Still feeling full from Prime and even fuller from lunch we decided not to go to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for carmel apples but we did stop at an old used bookstore in SLC to buy each other books for our anniversary. I got Nate a first edition of H.G. Wells' Secret Places of the Heart and Nate got me a 1930's edition of Midsummer Night's Dream.
Still not full on fun we stopped off at Mulligan's in South Jordan and played some mini-golf, a game I am gifted at playing. I warned Nate from the beginning that mini-gold has always been my super secret, my stealth challenge. He didn't believe me but now he does. I won by a hearty ten points.

So, we had no intention of eating dinner. But we did finish the night with some popcorn, sparkling orange cider from Ikea and The World's Fastest Indian. All strongly recommended.
I expect year #3 to be great. As I said in my toast, "here's to year #3. It will be so fabulous that years one and two will be ashamed of themselves."

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tim & brandi said...

Sounds like such a great weekend. Reminds me of our 1 year (dating) anniversary that we spent in Park City - we stayed at the Washington School Inn bed & breakfast...very cute place.