September 18, 2007


It's Amie's special day today. Shower her with gifts, adoration, compliments and love because she deserves it. The first day I started working with Amie she walked up to me {my manager wasn't there and they had neglected to set up my desk or computer. I didn't even have a chair [[red flag]]} Anyway, Amie came over and introduced herself and then took me around the office and introduced me to everyone. She made sure I knew where everyone thing was and who I should talk to for different things. Having someone like Amie should be a part of every new employee provisioning program. From that first interaction, I knew Amie and I were meant to be friends. I'm so glad I met her and plan to be friends with her for a very, very long time.


kat said...

Gosh your first day sounded just like my first day at a new job many years ago! And you are right, it's a total red flag. (I should have just left and never went back!) I wish I had someone like your amie :) Make sure she gets a big slice of cake.

Amie said...

thanks pal! love ya