September 25, 2007


It's Emma's birthday today. She's twenty!! Here's a list of twenty things all twenty year olds should know.
  1. You haven't seen the last of acne.
  2. Even though you may have money after college, things are twice as expensive.
  3. Don't sacrifice your grades for a social life or vice versa. College life is a fine balance of the two.
  4. Twenty is the age when you figure out it's fun AND cool to be friends with your parents again.
  5. Some of the coolest guys have receding hairlines already.
  6. Take vacations by yourself. It's very liberating.
  7. Use moisturizer and sunblock at all cost.
  8. Take classes that interest you. You'll never really have another time in your life when you can do things JUST because you like to. {unless you like going to work}.
  9. Always make friends with people who exercise.
  10. Unless you want to be a doctor, it really doesn't matter what your undergrad degree is. People hire you on first impression, who you know, and your experience. Period.
  11. Always be nice.
  12. Practice being comfortable in your own skin, you'll be in it a long time.
  13. Open source software is hella cool.
  14. Drink water.
  15. Oingo Boingo is still a good band. So shut up!
  16. Making mistakes is no big deal, how you react to the mistake is!
  17. Always read for pleasure.
  18. Whenever anyone gives you a compliment, say nothing but "thank you".
  19. Give compliments as often as you can.
  20. As it turns out, your mom and dad are usually right.

I also like what Marta said in her self-interview about what she learned in college. Happy Birthday Emma! Nate and I love you to the moon!

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tracyellen said...

I wish I had this list when I was 20. Heck, it comes in handy now, at almost 35!

Love your blog...