September 29, 2007


Brrr Baby Brrr. It's way to early in the year for snow. Right? Well, despite my internal weather clock telling me it should be in the 70s with crunchy leaves and yellow sunlight, it snowed today. Nate and I played a shivery game of ultimate frisbee {we lost} with our team {the huckaneers}. On our way home we stopped at 7-Eleven for our post-game slurpy and gatorade {may turn in to our post game hot cocoa} and picked up our second bedside table from Potato Barn.
After we ate grilled cheese sandwiches and soup for lunch, we settled in to watch a TiVo'd episode of The War and promptly fell asleep. We both needed a nap from the moment we woke up this morning.
Before we fell asleep we noticed it was starting to snow. It's weird how the first snow fall of the year always feels like the first one I've ever seen. The poor little birds still perching in our neighborhood were beside themselves. I saw one sitting on our grill with his chest all puffed up trying to stay warm {it was 30 degrees}. I'm pretty sure they packed up and migrated tonight.

When we woke from our nap the snow was still falling and had collected on the rooftops but it's gone now. Thankfully. I was not ready to get my snow boots out of the basement yet. Looks like it will be almost 70 degrees tomorrow, perfect for driving the Alpine Loop for some last minute leaf watching.

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Brilliant Asylum said...

That sounds so nice. It rarely snows in Atlanta.