September 11, 2007


I'd love to have one of those organized closets Martha Stewart is always talking about. But I don't. Though my closet is a walk-in, it's a tiny walk in and I'm struggling to get all my clothes, shoes and handbags to fit. I could hang things in the closets upstairs, but I really don't want my belongings spread throughout the house. And what happens when those closets suddenly belong to someone else {our kids} and I don't have the luxury of taking their space.
Right now I have one of those hanging shoe racks, the kind that take up valuable closet space, while the floors of my closet are left untouched. I typically avoid putting a lot of things on the floor because what's on the floor gets hidden behind the hanging clothes. And the shoes just become an disorganized, mismatched pile.
I think I'm going to get try one of these from Ikea. It holds up to 16 pairs of shoes, making good use of otherwise wasted space in my closet. I'll place it under my skirts so all shoes are in plain view. Does anyone else have ideas for closet organization? Particularly shoes?


amber said...

wow. I have to say, your closet looks prett Martha-esque to me!!

Tonia Conger said...

If only this were my closet! I should have sourced the photo because the one in the post IS a Martha Stewart closet. Mine...not so much!

Ryan & Ruth said...

Hi Tonn! For me, personally, I don't use my bed-room closet to store my shoes. I don't wear my shoes in the house and so I keep all my shoes (all ba-zillion of them) in the "coat-closet" next to the front door. I have five different shoe racks for Ryan and my shoes. It works out well and keeps me from tracking the outside ickies onto my carpet. Just a thought.

jordan said...

Whenever my stuff doesn't fit in my armoire I take it as a sign I need to get rid of stuff. People are always having clothing swaps or I sell the good stuff I'm sick of to one of those stores that buys old clothes.

But besides that I keep my shoes up high in lucite organizers .