October 30, 2007


I'm an anxious person. Some of my earliest memories are of little me, processing anxiety and worry with such bravery. So, I actually think it's quite comical that, of all the jobs I could possibly go out and get for myself, I tend to pick stressful employment. I'm not talking about just one job, I'm talking about a career trend. A typical day at work usually includes: aggressive deadlines, last-minute decisions, last-minute changes to decisions, trying to creatively solve horrendous problems, figuring out how to do something for nothing, running the stairs in heels, scrambling to make phone calls, waiting for people to call me back...the list could go on.
Nate and I have been creating a list of easy-going, non-stressful jobs I might consider if the pay was right.
  1. dog walker
  2. dog pedicurist
  3. dog shampooer
  4. bra fitter
  5. lip gloss tester
  6. new born baby namer
  7. non-professional sudoku player
  8. apple orchard curator {I've always wanted to be the curator of something}
I'd love to hear some additional easy-job ideas. So far, my ideas don't sound like big wage earners. But wouldn't it be nice...


Amie said...

- professional drinker (although, this would stress out your skin and wasteline)
- professional reader
- professional pal (i wish i devoted as much time to my friends as i do my job)

In(side) the Loop said...

Oh my gosh Tonia, we have this lady who walks our dog when we're out of town. She used to work for Enron and, well, we all know what happened with that. Because she's about 50, she was having a hard time finding someone to hire her. So she began dog walking/sitting/middle of the afternoon "yappy hours"/etc. She now has 3 employees under her and is making MORE than she earned as a big wig at Enron. She's my idol!

Holly said...

Hmm, maybe a plant waterer. Have you seen "Music and Lyrics"? Seems like a pretty easy job. You could wear whatever you wanted, and the plants wouldn't boss you around or bark at you!

(I thought you stopped wearing heels to work!)

Ruth said...

Blog professionally. Like, maybe even start right now so I have more to read. You haven't blogged today. Your life is too stressful...it's a sign. Professional Blogger.

Anonymous said...

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