October 03, 2007


I'm feeling a bit blah today. Not blech which means something totally different. I think I'm getting a little tired and run down trying to fit in at my new job. Things I'm doing today to fight the blah.
1. Gaze longingly out the window at the yellow trees and blue skies
2. Drink the normally *forbidden* diet soda
3. Listen to archived stories on Diane Rehm
4. Start thinking about Christmas presents
5. Check "Writing an article about Virtual Machine Driver Pack" off my list.

I"ll hopefully be in better spirits for fun blogging tomorrow. I've been boring lately because I feel boring lately.


Jessica said...

I go through the same thing periodically. I think sometimes we just need a break!

tiffany said...

I totally know how you feel. Get feeling better about blogging--the blogosphere needs you!

amber said...

ok, you need inspiration! follow these steps to tried & true anti-blah-ness:
buy vanilla latte and stroll through Anthropologie for a good hour.
peruse your cookbooks and find somethign challenging but so satisfying to make for you & your honey.
or...order Thai food and rent a feel-good movie.

Tonia Conger said...

Amber, I like your suggestions. I good stroll through Anthropologie can perk me up any time. We've been watching The War documentary and I think it's starting to make me feel hopeless.

Emily said...

Tonia, you are NEVER boring. I read your blog every day. Watching a good girly movie usually helps perk me up. Feel better.

amber said...

just as I gave you all these pointers on how to lose the blahs, I slipped into pure blahness and not even shopping helped!

ali said...

This is how I felt last week. Hopefully you are feeling better now. If if you are/were feeling blah, you're still pretty dang funny.