October 09, 2007


I'm warning you all now people. If anyone ever says to me again, "do you know who you remind me of?" and the next two words out of their mouth are Kelly Clarkson, we are no longer friends. No second chances with this one.


tim & brandi said...

That's funny Tonia. You don't remind me of Kelly Clarkson AT ALL. Though I did see someone on tv the other day that looked a lot like you - I don't know her name, and I can't remember what I was watching either, but she was absolutely beautiful. Who else do people say you look like?


Tonia Conger said...

Were you watching Gidget? Steel Magnolias? Or was it Brothers and Sisters? They all have one thing in common. Sally Fields. I'm told over and over that I look like Sally. I prefer to assume I look like the Smokey and the Bandit version.

Jamie said...

What is she wearing?

You do NOT look like her. You are very beautiful!

I know how it feels,I was told a couple of years ago that I looked like Britney Spears...Ouch...that hurt my feelings.

- Jamie

The Meesh said...

So funny! I'm told I look like her AND Angelina Jolie. How can someone look like both of those people?! They couldn't look less like each other... bottom line, I have a generic face and look like everyone. :)

Greeneyes said...

Wait just a sec, though...while your posted photo of KC looks admittedly dreadful, there is another side to that coin. Check out the video of Reba McEntire and Kelly singing "Because of You'. Heartbreaking, poignant, but importantly, you just might love hearing you look like that version of her.