November 11, 2007


Ali tagged me to walk down memory lane. Walk with me?

jobs i've held:
-paper girl
-car washer at USU
-hotel operator in nyc
-production assistant in chicago
-marketing manager
-contributing editor
-advertising account supervisor

jobs i'd like to have:
-full-time writer
-personal stylist
-crime scene investigator

movies i watch over and over:
-eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
-cinema paradiso
-old school
-whale rider
-the royal tenenbaums
-out of africa

favorite reads, recent and old:
-the unbearable lightness of being
-the sun also rises
-the catcher in the rye
-all Jane Austin
-the screwtape letters
-the moonstone

favorite things to do:
-sleep in the mountains
-travel, visit places I've never seen and be a part of everyday life there
-swim laps in an outdoor pool
-take photos
-read good literature
-give the perfect gift
-get facials and massages
-make dinner with nate and talk about nothing in particular while we eat
-eat spicy food
-spend time with my friends
-be with my family

places i've lived:
-logan, utah
-missoula, mt
-chicago, ill
-salt lake city, ut

favorite things to eat:
-chips and fresh salsa
-medium rare beef or buffalo steak
-fish tacos at the sundance foundry grill
-mom's pasta salad with tomatoes and cucumbers
-salmon, rice, mango salsa, vegetables {made by nate}
-polish dog with sauerkraut

places i'd rather be:
-at the beach
-in the mountains
-sundance resort
-in my cute blue house
-nice, france

words i like the sound of:
-my own name

1 comment:

ali said...

Man, you thought of some excellent words. (I'm not surprised.)

Thanks for amusing me, Tonia. Hope you had fun. I like a girl that isn't afraid of a) beef, and b) kraut. Good for you.

So fun to learn more about you. I'm going to look into this "Moonstone" book.