December 14, 2007


Remember how fun Christmas used to be when you were young? And remember how LONG the month of December felt when you were waiting for Santa to fly by and dump his bag on your rooftop? What happened to those days? Lately it feels like something I think about during the two hours I have to shop after work. And it's something that I worry about, but never make a dent in, during the weekends {read How Many Christmas Parties this Year?}.
I've been trying to find and keep the Christmas spirit but it's sure elusive. What do you do to make the season feel special? Any advice you can give a girl that feels like she's chasing Christmas?


Dayna said...

I don't know why it's weird to say this--maybe it's just hitting me--but having children brings back the simple things of Christmas and floods of memories as you try to do the traditions you grew up with in your own home and start new ones. Plus, we just decided to not do ALL the Christmas parties this year. The month has still flown by, though. Getting the shopping completely done early helps too! See you soon, Tonia! I love your posts.

Ruth said...

Ryan and I decided to give our Christmas to a few families in our ward that we knew were in need. We went shopping on Saturday for many of the gifts and never had so much fun. It has helped us focus on giving and Jesus.