December 01, 2007


They did it. They tied the knot. Everyone was sparkly and beautiful and now they are laying on the beach somewhere in Hawaii giggling about it all.
I'm re-posting one of my favorite poems in their honor.

by Thomas Hornsby Ferril

After the turgid incidence and when
The last mad whispering had darkly blown
Away, letting the woods be real again,
He propped his elbow on a lichened stone.
"I've climbed that mountain many times alone,"
He said at length. She stared, then asked him how
One felt at timberline. He answered "One
Feels much as we do now," remembering snow
That must have cooled whatever long ago
Had cracked the rocks with terrible ecstasy.
"It's not so wild up there, you feel as though
Something were finished. You're at peace with sky
And earth, as we are now." She pointed where
The peak seemed highest, whispering "Take me there."

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Joanna Goddard said...

oooh, very pretty! i heart weddings:)