January 07, 2008


Noelle mentioned it a bit on her blog; although I beg to differ {she has more hobbies then fantasy football; trust me}. When I read her post my mind reflected back on a time several years ago. Kym and I sat speechless on the couch as this guy was telling us about his new hobby, capoeira. He then asked us what our hobbies were and we froze. We were from the land of the misfit toys; our flaw was that we had no hobbies.
So we set out to get some hobbies. We tried water aerobics, foreign films, guitar lessons, photography. In our minds nothing really stuck and if you asked us today we'd pause before we answered. Our problem was that we got hung up on the idea that a hobby had to be something we were really, really good at.
Then I looked up the word hobby.
noun, plural -bies.
1.an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation: Her hobbies include stamp-collecting and woodcarving.
It appears that a hobby is simply something you do for fun, not something you are revered for or paid to do. Granted sometimes you can have both; that's enviable. But in the end, no need for perfection; it's just a hobby.


Noelle said...

the thought of you and kym out pursuing hobbies like water aerobics made me laugh out loud.

Jenna said...

I absolutely and totally agree with you! It's like you've read my mind, because I too have struggled with feeling that if I'm not the very best- then I should move on. Now I can just relax and enjoy my many hobbies! Thanks for the great post!