January 21, 2008


My office did some reorganizing and streamlining last week and I'm really grateful I didn't get a layoff. But what did happen has left me with mixed emotions. Well, maybe not even mixed so much as feeling like the unknown and easily traded player on the team.
When I started this new job five months ago, people from other account teams would tell me that mine was the best; we had the most fun. In general, I have to agree. One afternoon last week we decided to celebrate a job well done and spent a few hours eating lunch and playing air hockey and shooting baskets at SkyBox.
On Friday afternoon things were admittedly slow. We just finished a big project and things were lulling for everyone on the account. Our account director asked me to come into his office were he told me he'd like to move me to another, more active, account. He explained how it was going to be a better career opportunity and that they really needed someone who understood technology {that's me!}. I was flattered, yes, but I also understand the art of selling someone on and idea. It typically works best if you point out how they will benefit and how awesome they are. Realistically I know I'm the new team member and therefore easier to allocate elsewhere.
When he asked me if it was something I'd be interested in I didn't feel like I could say no and that I was just getting comfortable on the original account. I mean, I did make it through layoffs and didn't feel like I was in a place to be choosy. But when I left his office, all I felt was rejection. The announcement will be made tomorrow and the transition is to happen immediately.
I guess I'm lamenting the fact that I did just get to a place of familiarity with my existing team and client contacts. Now, it's like starting the job all over again {except now I know where bathrooms and printers are located in the building}. I'm feeling a little uneasy about the transition but I'm remaining optimistic. Optimistically rejected.
Nate will be on an airplane tomorrow morning so he won't be around for moral support. Wish me luck.


Ruth said...

You can do it! We are here for you. Good Luck.

Dayna said...

I know i would have seen it the same way you do. you will do great though, and knowing where the bathrooms are is half the battle:)

Inee-Joe said...

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Tonia Conger said...

Thanks Ruth, Dayna and Ry, for you loving support. It makes me feel a lot more competent just knowing that others believe in me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Scary thing often end up being the things we value the most when it's all said and done. I'm praying for that kind of situation!

Rebecca said...

tonia, you're right. Change is hard, but change is how we grow. You, of all people, will make this a good move and will benefit from it. That being said, I lament with you the "change" part of the equation. Know that you're loved and being thought highly of all the time.
Love you, Becky

Tonia Conger said...

Thanks Becky. I'm learning to be more and more open to change. I suppose it's the perfectionist in me that wants things to stay the same and as near perfect as possible.
But, I'm also learning that perfect is hardly ever worth it in the end. People would much rather receive and pay for "good enough" and not "perfect".

cropstar said...

Good luck!!

ali said...

Good luck, my friend! Maybe it will turn out to be a better opportunity? Or better yet, maybe you'll get to be team leader on the new squad. I think you would be good at that.