February 11, 2008


Tara was kind enough to award me with a "you make my day" award on her blog. Thank you for embracing my neurosis. In keeping with the making of days tradition, here are five blogs I enjoy.

1. In{side} the loop: Courtney from Houston has such great knack for design and fashion. Lots of eye candy to witness. She's also a great advocate for Houston and if I move there I'm making her be my best friend. She leaves great comments.

2. Ali Loves Curtis: I know, she wins all the awards. She's like the Amy Winehouse of blogs. But she's that way for a reason. Her blog is cross between a needle pointed dish towel from your grandma and a post modern house made of glass teetering on the edge of a lush green hillside.

3. Daisy Chain: Amber from Sonoma has both pretty house wares and fashion to browse whilst eating your lunch or lamenting your husband's travel schedule.

4. Hello My Name is Heather: Her fabric and designs are like walking into a colorful candy store with barrels heaped full of all the best stuff. Plus, if you ever thought sewing was old fashioned, she'll set you straight.

5. EmilyStyle: She tells you what she ate for Saturday breakfast and it sounds so good you wish you lived with her. Couple that with her adventures in tandem bike riding and archery and you'll go back for more. Even ukulele.


In(side) the Loop said...

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You totally made my day. Seriously!! Oh Tonia, I would be honored to be your BFIH (best friend in Houston, natch). Thank you a million times. This is really exciting to receive!

PS - My word verification right now is "vboys." Sweet

In(side) the Loop said...

PSS - I just noticed...does your entire family blog? How cool are the Congers?!

MissEm said...

This made my day too! Next time you're in SF, you have to come over for breakfast!

ali said...

Holy macaroni, Tonia. You are too kind. I blush. Of course I eat up the compliments, but especially from you. You have such a gift for words.

p.s. On a good day, maybe Amy Winehouse minus the rehab! :)

amber said...

and thanks for making my day, too! you are certainly one of my everyday reads, full of inspiration, and all that a blog should be!
(I'm still obsessing over your post on the girl at the airport for some reason. This is something I would totally, and probably already have, done.)