February 11, 2008


I made this list before I went to bed last night. So far, I'm on schedule. But there is so much left to do. I'm in meetings from 9:30-1:00pm. Then I have a meeting 2:00-2:30pm and then 3:00-6:00pm. Ugh!

1. Tonight: Make and pack lunch {optimistically plan to have time to eat tomorrow} DONE
2. 10:00 pm: In bed DONE
3. Set bedside alarm for 6:00 am DONE
4. 6:00 am: Wake with a smile at the sound of my alarm DONE
5. 6:10 am: Pin hair up and take a quick bath {sorry, I don't wash my hair every day} DONE
6. 6:30: Choose comfortable clothes and flat shoes since I'll be running from one meeting to the next ALL day DONE
7. 7:00 am: Grab breakfast and leave for work DONE
8. 7:45 am: Arrive at work and prepare for 8:00 am call to Canada DONE
8. All Day: Remember to drink 2/32 oz bottles of water
9. 6:00 pm: Leave work {this might be pretty optimistic} CLOSE, I left at 6:45
10. 6:30 pm: Go to jcrew at the Gateway Mall and pick up some shorts for the trip SKIPPED THIS
11. 9:00 pm: Work on book for Nate SKIPPED, MY EFFICIENCY IS FADING FAST
12. 9:30 pm: Talk to Nate on the phone {he's in Houston} DONE
13. 10:00 pm: In bed so I can do the whole thing all over again Tuesday. IT'S 10:45 AND I'M NOT IN BED YET.


Amie said...

This looks more like a work of art than a to do list! Oh inspiration! If i learned to draw, i could draw cool things on my to do list, then might be more inspired to do the to dos. I'll add drawing to my to do list now! have a fabulous time on your trip!

ali said...

Cute. Love your listy.

I'm so jealous of your trip I can hardly stand it. And your cool-sounding to-do list. You're an A-lister to me. :)

Anne (in Reno) said...

On the shorts - last time I was in Kauai I spent most of my time in skirts and pareos. It is just so dang warm and humid that shorts are perpetually wrinkly and uncomfortable. And the same is true with closed-toe shoes. I ended up wearing the same pair of sandals for a week because I had no intention of putting any actual shoe-type things on my feet. So I gotta recommend, lots of sundresses, skirts and sandals, and pareos also are good since they can double as a beach towel. Also, like shorts, anything with sleeves = bad. Think of the humidity when you pack.

Tonia Conger said...

Thanks Anne. You are the second one to recommend sun dresses. Sounds like I've got some shopping to do either way. It sure would be easier if this was a nude resort/trip to Kauai!

tara said...

If only I could be so organized! Today you got my Made My Day Award on my blog!