February 03, 2008


This was one of those weekends that just keeps getting better.

FRIDAY: Nate and I met his mom, Emily, Jon and James for some dinner at the Gateway and then went to a party at Hotel Monaco. This hotel is so bohemian and eclectic I want to move in upstairs. We hung out with good friends and I probably ate my weight in peanut M&Ms. Thanks for the invite Amie!

SATURDAY: Slept in, went to the gym, picked up some groceries, carried our new 300 lb treadmill down to the basement and started assembly, used movie theater gift certificate to see "No Country for Old Men".

SUNDAY: Slept in, made blueberry waffles for breakfast, received email telling us church was canceled due to snow {dude!}, watched Insomnia, shoveled snow drifts off stairs and made snowman, made seven-layer dip and other succulents for a private super bowl party {just Nate was invited}, hunkered down to enjoy XLII.

Here are some photos from the weekend.

Sunday morning blizzard with snow drifts approaching fence line.

Blueberry waffles for breakfast

Super Bowl snacks.

Our Snowman

Neighbor girl playing in a BLIZZARD


Therese said...

thanks for the photos of the snow. i had been hearing about the heavy snowfalls but had no idea... have a great time in hawaii!

Grandma B said...

The pictures are wonderful..and you and Nate have ALMOST as much snow as we have. Hawaii is starting to sound better and better. Kauai is beautiful. We will be thinking of you while you are basking in the sun.

In(side) the Loop said...

What a change to go from ALL THAT snow to ALL THAT sand! You will have such a wonderful time...and you won't have to share your man with Texas! That's the best part.

Tonia Conger said...

I'm trying to enjoy the excessive snow and how it gives me a great opportunity to stay inside the house and be cozy...but the sound of the beach and the sun on my face is quite enticing!

Noelle said...

hello, movie review! what did you think? worth seeing? also, i am jealous of your weekend.

CaraDee said...

Is that Brie? Cause I don't think that Brie and crackers constitutes "real" superbowl food. Not that I'm a superbowler...but Brie?? ha ha
And I am feelin' ya on the snow. I had to shovel my whole driveway yesterday and today I am FEELING it.

Dayna said...

so cool! wish wecould have been bogged down with you!