March 31, 2008


Let's say you were taking a vacation and as luck would have're boat veers off its nautical path and becomes capsized. You swim to shore and find yourself on a desert island; this is your run-of-the-mill desert island. It's pretty, but the elements are extreme and you have to hunt and gather your food and build a lean-to out of branches and leaves.

Assuming your iPod was in a water proof case and had a longer than life battery, and assuming certain items floated to shore in your wardrobe trunk, answer the following questions:

1. What song on you iPod would you listen to first?
2. What book would you be happy you had to read again and again?
3. What shoes would you dig through your trunk, find, and never take off?
4. What would you most dream about eating again?
5. What would your six word life story be at that moment?
6. What would you most regret not packing?
7. After you woke on the beach, water logged and disoriented, what would you do first?
8. Even though no one is with you; who would you pretend was with you?
9. Would you {be honest} ruin your tweezerman tweezers by straightening them out to use as a rudimentary fishing spear? Even if it meant your eyebrows would grow in all bushy and unruly?
10. What "stuck on a desert island" movie would you think about while you were there?

My answers:
1. The Police, Message in a Bottle
2. Crime and Punishment, Dostoyevski
3. These
4. These
5. "Why didn't I just go camping?"
6. More of this
7. Search frantically for comb. I hate how tangled my hair gets in salt water
8. I'd pretend Nate was with me. I'd probably even have pretend fights with him.
9. I'd wait to ruin my tweezers. Until I knew it was my only option. Bushy eyebrows would literally drive me insane.
10. Move Over Darling, starring Doris Day


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