March 24, 2008


Michelle had a post about her favorite love song. Which got me to thinking about my own favorite love songs. There are so so many. But here are a few I could listen to over and over.

Two of Us, The Beatles {performed at our wedding by Ryan and Holly}

Give a Little Bit, Super Tramp {also performed by Ryan and Holly as a surprise from Nate}

Annie's Song, John Denver {always will be one of my favorites}

She Believes in Me, The Great Kenny Rogers {so many times I listened to this on moment ever: when he says, "God our love is true"}

Last Goodbye, Jeff Buckley

Two, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals {this might be the new Nate and Tonia song}

I Love You
, Climax Blues Band {one of my true favorites}

Thank you, Led Zeppelin {loved it since college}

Be Careful, Patti Griffin {my deepest apologies for the video. it was the best recording}

The Day Brings, Brad {just nice and easy}


CaraDee said...

Thank You is one of my favorite songs too. I like the Tori version too. I also love Dream On by Aerosmith.

CaraDee said...

Oh, i forgot to say that that Ryan Adams song is beautiful..I'd never heard it before.

tim & brandi said...

Keeping in step with your generation theme, I thought I'd throw a couple of others into the hat:

Eric Clapton-Wonderful Tonight
Elton John-Your Song
-Tiny Dancer


Jessica said...

Two of Us is a great song, what a lovely idea to use it in a wedding. We used a lot of Beatles, but not that one.