March 20, 2008


Do you have a favorite tune? I know it's hard. I try to name a favorite song or movie and I end up with a list a mile long. I want to put together a Clementine playlist based on a combination of songs you suggest so lets start making a collection.

I'll start the list with one of my favorites: Be Here Now, Mason Jennings


laceyJ. said...

That Mason track is a good track; thanks for the reminder! I love Sun Kill Moon's "Carry Me Ohio" right now. I've listened to it many, many times, and I'm still not sick of it...

Amie Gregory said...

Band: The Hush Sound
Album: Goodbye Blues
Song: Hurricane
i think you will like.

The Meesh said...

Anything by Patty Griffin, but if I had to choose (could you choose one of your children you love more than the others?!) I'd say Heavenly Day by Patty Griffin. You can hear it on my blog in my music playlist widget.