March 12, 2008


I took this test and apparently I write at a high school level. I'm using bigger words from now on because I can't have that! Can I? Thanks Cara Dee!

blog readability test

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Amara said...

Aw man... mine are junior high level! I think I'm going to go crawl under a rock and try to convince my self that it IS good to be accessible to all age groups. -_-

Noelle said...

i did this and i got high school too. no surprise there. but then i wondered if it was really trying so i tested it out on my friend's blog who writes about the war in iraq on a level i'm not sure condi could even understand and it came back high school as well. so don't let it get you down. apparently high school is as high as it goes.

CaraDee said...

No, my sis-in-law's was GENIUS. That's why I did mine. But she has gone to Africa and talks about trees a lot, by their proper names. I'm thinking that's why. (anything to calm my troubled soul about all this)

Anonymous said...

Tonia, I hope you will not let some stupid "blog rating" change the way you you have written your blog thus far. We all know that ya got skills! Aight! =)

Tanya said...

Dont let it get you down. I did this a month ago and got genius, did it just now and got junior high. Yeah, whatever.

I think its wither very random (like most of those "blog things-type quizzes, c'mon, they are all fun but the equivalent of the magic 8-ball) or it may actually look at the number of syllables in the words on your first page. My most recent posts were a meme and a grocery list, not very eloquent.

I know full well that I generally write on a college or-post college level. Seriously. Dont be troubled. Write a post using the biggest random words you know--it doesnt even have to make sense--then try it again. Id bet you get a higher level.