March 27, 2008


Yeah, you heard me right. I mean, I've been known to talk to myself {and answer, too}, and I'm pretty sure this cow here might qualify as having a dual personality. And now, the one great entity, Mother Nature, is proving to have quite the split herself.
I drove to work today in a BLIZZARD. The visibility was nil. And now. Just a few hours later...sunshine. I guess I'm in good company with Mother Nature and "blinky" the cow. Poor, poor cow.

Can I ask why Farmer Joe looks so pleased with it all? Isn't it just another mouth to feed?


Grandma B said...

Now Tonia....haven't you heard the expression "TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE " !!! Hee Hee

Are you ever going to tell where and when:

1.Where you will be working ??
2.When do you start ??

CaraDee said...

Another mouth to feed. Two heads are better than one. Too funny. Also, last year at the fair, my sis and her husband actually went in the wierd "tent of wonders" freak show area. Most of the things they advertise are in jars of fermaldehyde. YUCK. She just sent me a bunch of pics of them. I think they should bury the poor babies they keep in jars that are freaky.