April 08, 2008


Subtitle: And the day I put it back on

Santa Fe, NM, circa 1994.
It was spring break time of year {just like now} and I was in need of a getaway. My friend Karina called from NYC and said she was fed up and needed to blow the city for a while. So we decided to take Greyhound and meet up in Santa Fe for some kind of twenty-something angst trip.
My bus ride was about 36 hours from Utah. I think Karina's was in the ballpark of 60. That's some time on a bus, packed like Pringles with a lot of strangers and strange smells. Our plan to meet at the bus station worked perfectly and before long we were paying $13 each/night for a little dive hotel off the main drag. It was a perfect place. Phone booth out front. Little Spanish boy playing basketball in the courtyard at the crack of dawn. Hanging out with Karina, who at the time was a big Hemingway fan, too.
I guess the most defining moment of this trip, aside from seeing the GeorgiaO'Keeffe museum, was my liberation from the wrist watch. I remember making some poignant {or so it seemed at the time; you remember being in your twenties} statement about how I was finally tired of being a hostage to time and time limits and time frames. Then I took off my wrist watch and tossed it in the garbage. No looking back. No regrets.
Now, fourteen years later, I've decided it might be a good idea to wear a watch again. Does that mean I'm no longer a free spirit? Does it mean I'm completely corporate minded and a stuffed shirt? I hope not. I think what it means is that I still like to be spontaneous and free-spirited, I just need to know how much time I've got before I have to be back at the office.
Here's what I'm rockin' on my wrist now {mine is the black one}. It's the Rocker watch from Nixon.


In(side) the Loop said...

Love Nixon watches!! No way should you feel tied to your watch when you're wearing one this hip.

CaraDee said...

Aren't Nixon watches drool worthy? Yum...

And I'm the person that ALWAYS HAS to have a watch on. Unless it's overnight, cause I can always roll over and see the alarm.

dayna said...

just checked out the nixon site and i have to agree that their watches are so cool. love them! i have a great watch that i never wear...i am always asking others what time it is--i should probably wear it again ( i think i stopped wearing it because it kept scratching emme and waking her at the worst moments!)