April 19, 2008


On Friday, during a company meeting {and also my third day at the new job} there were two loud explosive-type sounds and the smell of gas. This led to a quick exit of the building and the chance to stand in the sun for about an hour. Though the experts weren't able to locate the cause or location of the sounds we called it a day around 11:30.
After a quick trip to Costco, I went home and spent about three hours working in the yard and then finished up by cleaning my entire house. I know it might not have been the best way to spend a "free day", but I got everything done on Friday which meant Saturday and Sunday became unbridled by scrubbing toilets.

photo from finna dat's photostream


Grandma B said...

Anyway you can get a day off is good...and paid to boot. Hope Nate has a wonderful day...and you can spend the day together. LOL

Therese said...

did i miss the entry about what the new job entails? would love to hear about it...