April 03, 2008


Nate and I have decided that as long as we are both working so hard we are going to reward ourselves with the occasional three-day weekend. That said, we've been trying to think of nearby, drivable places to visit on our road trip retreats. I think our first jaunt will be to St. George, though neither of us knows what we'll do once we get there.
Any suggestions? We are looking for anything in the neighborhood of 2-4 hours from Salt Lake City. Someplace that can offer respite for mind, body and spirit. And ideally someplace that has one or two fun things to see, do or taste.


tim & brandi said...

So is this for THIS weekend or a future weekend? If you can't quite make the drive to Vegas, we might be willing to meet you in St. George sometime. But I think you know how we feel about this matter.

~b & t.

Wildwood said...

If you're like me, St. George doesn't quite make the cut but you still go 'cause it's a trip, right? How about Springdale? Funky, artist town with some fun shops, a couple cafes, and a great bed and breakfast called Canyon Ranch Motel. Don't forget Zions...

bhb said...

Other than St. George:

Boulder, Utah and Hell’s Backbone Grill
(Perfect for your organic fibers)
Capitol Reef or Escalante-Grand Staircase are nearby

Great Basin National Park – a rarely visited treasure, where you can experience some of the oldest trees in the world (although maybe this is for later in the season), a four hour drive

One of the greatest pieces of landscape art
This is worth it by itself, but renting some sea kayaks and taking them out on the lake is a surreal spiritual recharge. Pelicans and short-eared owls abound.

And oh so many more possibilities

In or near St. George:

Zion! The main canyon is everything you might hope it to be. There is also the seldom-visited Kolob Canyon entrance (40 miles north of St. George off I-15). Splendid.

Snow Canyon State Park is delicious.

Red Cliff Recreation Area (part of the very extensive Red Cliff Desert Reserve)

And again, so much more. There is something for everyone in all of these places.

Kristin said...

My favorite Utah getaway is one that bhb mentioned: Boulder, UT. My dad bought some land down there about 15 years ago with one of his good friends (who now owns the lodge where the Hell's Backbone Grill is located). I LOVE this place. There isn't anything to do in the way of shopping or anything like that, so if you're looking for a vacation full of spending money, Boulder is not your place. But if you're looking for a place to kick-back with a good book or hike until your feet fall off - go to Boulder. You won't regret it!! (I'm headed down there today for a quick weekend getaway - yippie!!)

CaraDee said...

I just read your comment about how it would make people mad if you joked that you were pregnant the other day. My friend did just that. They've had 8 years of fertility and adoption problems. She got a huge rash of s(&*$ for it. ha. She's on my blogroll under Casey & Amy.

CaraDee said...

I 2nd the comment about Great Basin. My great-aunt and uncle live right there. I've spent many a summer there. There's the cave tour, and hiking. Wait till it's warmer obviously. But there's a cafe in the main town area (small small small stretch) that was bought by some San Franciscans and remodeled to be a hip little wierd joint. At least for Baker, NV that is.

Anonymous said...

Was doing my daily hunt for good, new indie-folk music and found a group called Raining Jane and they have a song called Clementine. I had hoped it would match up perfectly with your blog (not sure how) but it fell short. Still, an interesting song over coffee and toast this morning.


If you have a MySpace account, they're there as well, and you can isten to the entire song.