May 06, 2008


I had a "jean hay day" a few years ago. I was thinner which is always the perfect excuse to buy new jeans. My friend had an inside scoop on jean parties touring the area; designer jeans at an amazing discount. Needless to say I have stacks of jeans in a size I will be lucky to wear again in my lifetime.

While I'm waiting for the jean fairy to come and grace me with a smaller butt and longer, thinner legs, I really like the fit of these jeans at Gap. I have a pair of each on hold that I plan to pick up tomorrow after work. Oh, and I'm getting a size that fits me now; I'm so tired of staring at jeans that no longer fit. It's bad karma.

left: welt pocket curvy
right: patch pocket trouser


tim & brandi said...

That is the story of my life... staring into the closet at jeans that don't fit. I've FINALLY been able to fit into (though some are too tight to wear out of the house) all of my pre-pregnancy pants, just in time to get pregnant again. A Pea In The Pod has very cute designer maternity jeans, if you're ever in the market.


dayna said...

if you want me to babysit some of those old jeans for you, i would love to:)--though, if they are too small for you, they may be too small for me. you always look great, tonia!