May 13, 2008


I planted a lot of flowers in my flowerbeds last year. I picked things that were natural to our Utah environment; nothing that required a lot of water or sun protection. This spring I added more and things are looking robust, colorful and natural.
But there is something in me that feels personally responsible for the plants I buy and sink into the soil and call "mine". Like they are dependent children and have feelings and rights. Because of this responsibility, I make sure to nurture them; I give all my flowers and bushes a nice blend of fresh water and Miracle-Gro three times a week. I'm so aware of them now I can actually tell which ones have grown and which ones have had a bad few days.
After fighting through two traffic accidents on the freeway and spending way too much time idling in the fast lane, I grabbed my watering can and my super size all-purpose Miracle-Gro and headed out for some flora therapy. All it took was a few seconds of watering the lilac trees, smelling the fragrance of those pretty purple flowers, and I was completely relaxed. All better.


amber said...

so true. Dave and I love being out in the garden watering plants after work, it's theraputic without really thinking about it.

Grandma B said...

Beautiful flowers Tonia....isn't it fun to wander out and see the fruits of our labor !! Our flowers are FINALLY starting to look good. We just picked up our hanging baskets, and will put our annuals in, probably, this weekend. LOL