May 20, 2008


I've made note of the wind before. It's not unusual to have wind at Daybreak; kinda goes with the territory. It's like the smell of the ocean in Seaside; you just expect and accept it - on some level you even grow to love it. But tonight, something far worse than I've previously witnessed blew into town.
Proof Point #1: Nate and I drove to Quiznos for a classic Italian {don't worry Digger, we split it}. As we were driving home, we penetrated what appeared to be the eye of a tornado. Dark swirling dust and wind enveloped us and the visibility was negative numbers. Scary but enchanting as we both laughed out loud.
Proof Point #2: I had an afro by the time I got in the car. I spend hours in the bathroom trying to produce fake volume in my hair so the fact that 7 seconds produced mass, otherwise impossible to achieve, says something about the wind.
Proof Point #3: I swear I can feel a draft "coming from inside the house!!"
Proof Point #4: We saw a tumbleweed roll across the street which is not uncommon for Utah. But what is uncommon is a tumbleweed measuring approximately six feet high. This thing was behemoth.
Proof Point #5: My face is dusty.

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CaraDee said...

Last night was a doozy. I couldn't sleep at all. Wind banging my windows, fluttering papers I didn't know existed in my room. Angry.

But boy do I love the volume and oomph that the wind gives my hair....ha