May 29, 2008


If you love organic skincare you'll love Pangea. I'm completely smitten. Their story. The sustainable packaging. The organic scents. It's beautiful in the simplest ways. And the best part of it all; it's great for your skin. I hear things like, "your skin glows", and "are you 15"? No, not that last one. I'm just kidding. But it is good and the smell will make you want to escape to Pangea land everyday, all day.
Don't forget to plant the box once you make your purchase. It promises to sprout herbs in due time. Brilliant.


tim & brandi said...

Let me know when you find something that WILL make me look 15.

I like that you can plant the box - all companies should have plantable boxes.


p.s. maybe we'll see you next week if you're around

Holly said...

I love the toner you gave me. And your skin does look amazing! I'm so glad you've found skin care that you love. It takes a lot of trial and error!