July 01, 2008

A-Z: E

{pronounced Eey}

Elephantitis: I've always been obsessed with the anomaly. {see also fetus in fetu}

Entertainment, For Your:
I saw the Charlatans UK perform in a small club in SLC. It was a great show. Last year I went on a long ride {on my Croix de Fer} for my birthday and when I heard the Charlatans play, "For Your Entertainment" I was racing down 118th South splashing mud on my legs having the time of my life.

Eggs: I love scrambled eggs with ketchup. Although I haven't jumped on the "organic" bandwagon, I do like to reduce, reuse, recycle. And the idea of brown eggs.

Ernest Hemingway:
I know it sounds cliche, but I really do like his writing style. He changed my life when it came to literature.


kym said...

how is it that you and I managed to use fetus in fetu and elephantitus today in correspondence to friends (of which you were cc'd on) and not known it? spoooooky! I can't wait for D!!

Jamie said...

Wow, I love my scrambled eggs with ketchup also. I thought that I was strange. I guess I'm not.