July 09, 2008

A-Z: G

{pronounced JEE}

See elephantitis. I'm obsessed with an anomaly.

Guevara, Che: There are bits of Che's life that I truly admire; primarily the parts where we was dissatisfied with inequality and committed his life to bringing attention to the gross realities. Nate likes to think I'm a revolutionary at heart. I found a beanie in Spain with Che's face on it. I wear it when I'm in a safe, controlled environment.

I got my first gray hair when I was 23. I lived in Chicago and Curtis and I discovered it one day at work. We quickly removed it and Curtis decided to frame it in order to remind me of how quickly life was passing me by. I think he was just trying to make himself feel better because we were the same age and he was 99% bald.

Gams: Sometimes I like to refer to legs as gams. Mostly when I'm talking about chubby baby gams.

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