July 28, 2008

A-Z: H

H: (gpronounced aytch)

House: we have been in the bungalow for almost a year and a half. Still a significant number of framed artwork sits on the floor; unhung and unsung. It has all the space we need and then some. It stays the temperature we like it to be because we control the dial and the dials respect our wishes. The landscaping is nearly complete which will result in a fabulous neighborhood party with food and games. Hip Hip Hooray for aytch!

Hybrid Friend: A hybrid friend started out being and exclusive friend to one person in the relationship. For instance, let's say Nate had a friend named Jet that he hung out with in highschool and college. Jet was a thoroughbred friend until Jet married Jana and Nate married me. Now we all share a Hybrid Freindship with each other. It's changed in ways that wouldn't have occured without all the new players. It takes all the good from each person and tries to deemphasize the bad. It's just a hybrid friendship.

Happy: Happy for me requires a few small things. 1. a clean house. 2. sleep 3. healthy friends and family 4. work that challenges me 5. work with creative people 6. staying in shape 7. getting organized with lots of executable plans!! 8. Jeans that fit 9. doing something for others. 10. waking up on a saturday morning thinking it's really friday morning...and then realizing it's indeed saturday mornng. LOVE it.

Heros, Logan's: This might be the best sub shop in the Logan, Utah area.

Hag, Old: We woke up to find this blow up doll, styled to look like a snoopy old lady was peeking into the window by our front door. Nate and I both did the quick in-take of air when we saw it for the first morning. Project old hag will be in full effect tomorrow evening as we choose just how we deliver the old hag back to her original home. It will likely involve duct tape and the hag peaking in windows she's not yet been at liberty to

Haze: Ambien Haze is mighty marvelous. Here it comes now; sliding through my head like a hurricane...look our for hallucinations.

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Nells-Bells said...

Logan's Heros is definitely the best!